Personalized 1-1 Training


Don’t wait for your company to bring us to you. Take charge of your own development by registering for your virtual 1 – 1 personal training experience. Simply select the product that best fits your needs, review the description of the course, and select a time that best fits your schedule. We will match you with one of our certified trainers who will best fit your needs and learning preferences.

Our training is “person-centered”. We start with you as a person by considering your intrinsic motivations and values. We then look at what you want to accomplish through the training. Our approach is not a cookie-cutter curriculum, but will engage you as a person, not just a person who does stuff.


The Caring Project for Individuals – For healthcare professionals who want to make a better connection with their patients.

This is for those who:

  • Love working with patients and want to be a more effective caregiver.
  • Are tired of working with patients and want to renew their original passion.
  • Want to develop stronger strategies to work more effectively with co-workers.


Corporate Training for Individuals – For those working in organization who want to work and communicate more effectively.


This is for those who:

  • Love working within a company or organization and want to make work more rewarding.
  • Are tired of training that is hard to apply, or worse, not available.
  • Want to develop stronger strategies that will help move your career forward.


For Others: For anyone who needs more clarity around their professional identify and their ability to effectively communicate.


This is for those who:

  • Love the idea of living out of an authentic identify and want to live life with meaningful purpose.
  • Are tired of having other people define their reality and don’t think they need a counselor.
  • Want to identify what is holding them back and determine a clear path forward.

Our virtual training is a live interactive experience taught by one of our own certified workshop facilitators. All you need is a video enabled computer with sound. We will do the rest. We offer two-hour training blocks that you can mix and match depending upon your learning needs and available budget.

We currently offer virtual training to three categories of people. If you are interested in another aspect of our work not mentioned below, please contact us to discuss your needs.