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The Caring Project

The Caring Project  is a unique, proprietary software and training solution designed to help you understand how to connect better with your patients, even before the first appointment, and to give you specialized insight into how your patient receives care. 

The Caring Project is our patient centered care solution for healthcare systems, providers, and care givers that increases trust, patient compliance, and communication with patients and will improve staff teamwork.

The Caring Project  seeks to engage patients beyond traditional diagnosis and treatment models by providing a solution that allows each caregiver to effectively and efficiently communicate with patients, based upon seven caring modes or intrinsic motivations.

The Caring Project offers workshops for caregivers and software solutions for private practices, clinics and other long-term care providers. 

We believe our model will result in reduced cost by increasing compliance, improving the experience of care, and by providing a short personality-like assessment that provides immediate results to the caregiver.

Workshop for Clinicians and Care Givers

Our live and interactive training workshop for clinicians and care givers begins by completing our online assessment measuring each person’s caring modes.

  • Learn the 7-natural caring modes and how you best give care.
  • Understand how your caring modes affect how care receivers experience care.
  • Bridge the gap between your natural caring mode and your patient’s care that will improve the overall patient experience.
  • Learn how to deal with demanding patients using our person-centered approach.
  • Increase team efficiency and communication between patients, doctors, nurses, and staff.

Workshop Description

As part of the pre-training planning process, we want to clearly determine your desired outcomes. We incorporate “So What” or “What’s Next” exercises into every training event. We provide additional resources to help keep the momentum going after the training event. 

Our training is:

  • Held at the location of your choice.
  • Scheduled at a time that fits your needs.
  • Effective for both small and large groups.

Our workshop helps physicians, nurses, care-giving support staff and office personnel by delivering a tangible tool to improve interaction with each patient. As stated, this tool provides a measurement of seven natural caring modes that offers an immediate snapshot about how a care giver naturally gives care and how a patient naturally experiences care. Caring modes provide measurable indicators regarding how to best interact with each individual patient by strengthening the patient-clinician relationship, promoting communication about things that matter, and aiding the clinician in knowing how best to communicate a plan of care to increase compliance.

What Each Participant Receives

We want to help you keep the learning going long into the future with the following resources:

  • Online access to our Intrinsic Motivation Assessment.
  • Intrinsic Motivation results explaining all seven Caring Modes.
  • A training and reference manual that provides additional self-guided exercises for future learning with your organization’s logo printed on the cover.
  • An 8 ½ x 11” laminated Caring Modes at a Glance reference guide.
  • A business card sized Caring Modes laminated quick-reference guide.
  • A one-year subscription to our “The WHY Influence”
  • A copy of our Tips for Influencing Motivated Employees

Benefits for Healthcare Managers

Knowing each person’s caring modes provides managers with a tangible measurement of each of their team members. This may be leveraged to increase the level of teamwork, communication, and cooperation between team members.

TCP Testimonials

“This protocol allows doctors to interconnect more effectively and efficiently with their patients. Knowing how to converse and approach certain patients properly is the key to patient compliance. One way might work for some patients, yet a completely different communication method needs to be utilized with others. Some people like to be more involved in their care and need exercises and tasks that they can perform at home. Some like having extra time to share their past experiences and ailments with the doctor while others love spending less time and like to get to the point quicker. The Caring Project helps eliminate the “hit and Miss” method when conversing and interacting with patients.”

Kevin Woodard, DC, FIACA, CBIS, DAFNS

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