Team Building Workshops through Intrinsic Motivation 


Four team building workshops that will get your team working, communicating, and collaborating more effectively.

Our clients want to develop strong teams, improve communication, and retain their best employees. Our approach goes beyond behavioral modification based upon an old tired formula promoted by many other companies.

Our team building seminars and teambuilding workshops help individuals discover and leverage their own intrinsic motivation and values that provide the internal driver to perform at an elite level.

Team Building Seminars and Workshops

Host this workshop and you will see the immediate result of a stronger team and business. This stand-alone workshop helps each person discover their intrinsic motivation and begin to understand why they are who they are and how to improve personal performance, build trust, communicate skills, and collaboration with others. This workshop is also the first in our series of team building workshops for companies that want to purchase a person-centered training system for their organization,

Complete all four workshops and conduct a one-on-one debrief with one of our senior consultants to receive our “Intrinsic Motivation Team-Builder” certificate.

The Trust Building Workshop

This workshop helps each person think about how their behavior either builds or destroys trust between team members. It challenges each participant to consider ways they can build trust by choosing behavior that is good for all stakeholders and not just to benefit themselves. Each person’s motivational mix will be considered when selecting trust-building behavior.

The Effective Communications Workshop

Explore how each person’s intrinsic motivation affects everyday communication. This workshop will help each person to communicate in a more genuine and authentic manner, eliminating false assumptions or the tendency to read more into what someone says than is intended.

The Teamwork and Collaboration Workshop

Leveraging the intrinsic motivations of each team member provides new insight into the effective functioning of a team. Each person will explore ways they make unique contributions while understanding wider contributions of other team members. Each person will find their natural roles that best leverage their strengths.

Our Workshops Are:

  • Customizable: Each teamwork workshop is designed to be presented in half-day increments yet customizable to meet both your time parameter and training outcomes.
  • Interactive: You will begin to see the participants come together and interact in new and meaningful with each other.
  • Exploratory: You will explore your intrinsic motivations beginning with a short ten minute questionnaire about how you view yourself.
  • Non-Judgmental: The presentation style of the facilitator and the material allow each person to self-select descriptive language in a manner that does not pigeon hole or stereotype.
  • Self-Validating: You will be free to agree or disagree with the findings and explore why you feel the way you do.

These four team building workshops provide the foundation to help your team leverage his or her intrinsic motivation leading to higher personal and team productivity.

Contact us to discuss how our workshops bring out the intrinsic motivations of your team.

Also, do you want to establish or enhance mentoring relationships in your business?

Consider our Business Mentoring Workshop!



I found the Intrinsic Motivation Discovery Workshop to be a tour de force of ideas that I could immediately put into practice. It opened my eyes to why I do what I do at work and how I can leverage my strengths as well as mediate and improve in other areas.

David Allison, Visitor Programs Manager at Denver Museum of Nature and Science