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Nobody comes to work with the intent to fail, argue with others, or look incompetent. Employees want to work for organizations that align their work with meaningful purpose and who value them as an individual. Employees want to get along with others and be part of a team that makes a difference. They want to believe in, and trust, the organization that employs them.

Employee-centered organizations benefit because they:


Attract and retain top talent

Reduce employee turnover

Unleash self-directed innovation to meet challenges

Strengthen teamwork and communication

Develops the authentic identity of each employee

Helps employees become more influential

Give their employers a competitive advantage

Employee-Centered Training makes a lasting impact

“Learning about our intrinsic motivations has dramatically improved teamwork among our staff, with its insights into how each of us is “wired”. It makes assignment of projects much easier because we know who will be “fired up” with the project and who won’t. We can more accurately assign each person to the roles where they will shine.”

Barb – Project Manager

“Learning about my intrinsic motivations has helped me develop a more profound sense of meaningfulness, self, engagement and confidence, and heightening my ability to be more influential with my team.”

John – General Manager


Our company training is unique and proprietary. You cannot experience it with any other training company. Our training will help you foster an employee-centered culture on Intrinsically Motivated and value-driven people who will know each other, effectively communicate with each other, and motivated to do their best work.

We provide great training experiences for your:


Company or Department Meeting


Leadership Off-Site

Training and Development Program

Whether you need to schedule 18-minutes or 2-days, we will design the right training for your needs.

Our training is:

  • Purposeful: We make your purpose the outcome of our training.
  • Customizable: We adapt every training experience to fit your specific needs.
  • Interactive: We encourage active participation and interaction that helps each participant connect with each other.
  • Exploratory: We provide specific feedback about the intrinsic motivations of each participant by using our proprietary assessment that takes less than ten-minutes to complete.
  • Non-Judgmental: We present our training in a manner that allows each participant to self-select the language that best describes themselves.
  • Self-Validating: We encourage participants to ask hard questions in a constructive manner.
  • Applicable: We believe training works when it is immediately applied to real needs.
  • Sustainable: We provide each participant with a one-year subscription to our online course “Discovering Your Authentic Identity”. This membership provides full-access to additional self-guided courses and our “Be Influential” podcasts.

Your leadership team and employees represent a huge investment and their efforts can generate a profitable return. Ineffective leadership and unmotivated, underperforming employees represent a huge cost and drag on your organization. Every effective business leader wants to succeed and give their employees every opportunity for success. Success can happen with an intrinsically motivated, purpose-driven, confident, competent, and committed workforce.

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