Be the person you are meant to be with the Intrinsic Motivation Strategy Session for Professionals!

  • Maximize your professional efforts by aligning your work with your intrinsic motivations!
  • Identify the personal traits that are holding you back and what you can do about it!
  • Discover the clarity and confidence that comes from being an intrinsically motivated person and personal validation and direction this can provide.

This one-on-one strategy session is for a wide variety of people including seasoned professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and recent college graduates.

The Intrinsic Motivation Individual Strategy Session will help you find:

  • New Passion: Something to excite and drive you each day.
  • New Path: A direction that is worthy of your time and resources.
  • New Paradigm: When you need clarity and direction to make a major shift.

This is a strategy session will quickly help you find and affirm find and and give you the language to pursue what is most fulfilling and gratifying. Discovering and leveraging your intrinsic motivations is a process and this individual strategy session will get you on the right path.

  • Do you want to achieve higher levels of success?
  • Do you want to connect your passions and your work or service?

What this Strategy Session will do for you!

The Intrinsic Motivation Strategy Session for Professionals will give you a clear picture of “why” in regards to how you work, communicate, and collaborate with others. It is critical information if you seek to advance at work, build your business or effectively manage other people.

About the Strategy Session

This strategy session allows you to explore a wide variety of topics while discovering, affirming, and understanding your intrinsic motivations. It is best held face-to-face, but we can also facilitate a video call. You will receive:

  1. Individual focus discussing topics you find relevant.
  2. An individualized report for your personal review and reference that can be shared with other people you value.
  3. Freedom to contact me with follow-up questions regarding the session for no additional charge.
  4. We are so confident that you will receive good value for this session, if not, we will refund the full $499 price for simply letting me know where we missed it. (Time restrictions apply)

Why Should You Purchase this Session?

First, there is limited risk with my money back guarantee.

Second, it will quickly help you identify areas in your life that provide the most benefit and also those areas that are currently draining your energy and resources.

Third, it gives you some justification to say “no” to requests from other people that dread.

Fourth, if you are looking for someone to retain to help you build a business, provide training for your managers, or reach a big goal, this session will quickly help you evaluate whether or not my retained services strategy is for you.

Fifth, you will not feel rushed but provided ample time to explore your intrinsic motivations and ask questions that will aid in your understanding.

Sixth, it all points to strategy. You will come away with action steps to address your original reasons for signing up for this program.

Seventh, you will not be treated like just another client or a number, but treated as a friend. My ultimate goal is to provide you value that will make a genuine difference in your life.

Please scroll down to read testimonies of people who have experienced the Intrinsic Motivation Individual Strategy Session

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Steve helped me go way beyond what I thought was possible. In a matter of months, I went from an underemployed engineer to a very successful energized consultant! Steve helped me understand and acknowledge my true motivations and showed me how to make better business decisions and career path choices. He encouraged me to pursue strategic alliances and partnerships with other professionals in new and creative ways which opened up incredible opportunities. In a matter of months I was working on exciting new projects with a fresh cast of colleagues who are equally enthusiastic and respectful of what each person brings to the table. I am glad I met Steve. He has a unique ability to quickly assess a person’s unique set of circumstances and offer a clear perspective. Although I did not realize it at the time, his insight and advice was much needed and he was instrumental to guiding me toward a more positive future!

– Carl, Engineer


The advice and guidance that I received from Steve provided confidence and direction in both my personal life and professional career. His process has greatly increased my understanding of how I work and where I can best use my talents. If you are looking to discern where your strengths lie and how best to increase either your productivity, or more importantly, your unique skill sets and personal confidence, I highly recommend Steve to you.

Whether you attend one of his workshops or sit down with him, I guarantee you will not walk away without learning more about yourself and how you can use your talents to benefit both your personal and professional community.

-Nathan, Law Enforcement Officer


Steve has helped me achieve high levels of success and understanding, both personally and professionally, through his knowledge and expertise of intrinsic motivation. Through his guidance I have developed a more profound sense of meaningfulness, self, engagement and confidence, heightening my ability to attain a more fulfilling life.

-John, Business Development and Sales Executive

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