Building Your Small Business Workshops

These workshops utilize our Intrinsic Motivation Culture & Leadership Template to implement a program that will help you organize and grow your small or solepreneur business.



Planning is important, Accomplishments are better.

There is an abundance of great vision, ideas, and plans.  Great organizations implement them.


The Program Benefits

This program will help business owners apply the principles they learned in the Individual Strategy Session to their organization so everyone receives the benefits of:

  • Performing excellent work because they are intrinsic motivated.
  • Having a clear picture of your organization and where it is heading.
  • Identifying and eliminate time wasting activities that do not contribute to success.
  • Accomplishing their greatest potential achievements.

Will You Benefit?

The Intrinsic Motivation Strategic Planning Program is for busy business owners and executive directors who want intrinsically motivated employees who work to build your culture of success. This program is also for busy leaders who do not have time or interest in attending day-long advisory boards.

  • Cast your vision in a manner your team can rally around.
  • Take advantage of a new opportunity or outline a new direction.
  • Address a big challenge?
  • Tap into the knowledge of your team?

Accomplishments only happen through people. Our Strategic Planning Program utilizes the Intrinsic Motivation Culture and Leadership Template to assure everyone is speaking the same language, understands each other, and stays focused on the right outcomes.

How it Works

This is a retained services program for business owners who want ongoing support to assure they effectively grow their business. This program allows you to work on your business at your own pace and as resources allow it. You will meet directly with Steve once a month and given the freedom to call Steve, or one of our Senior Consultants about your strategy at no additional charge.

Included in a Strategic Planning Program

  • Formal two- hour monthly or quarterly strategy meeting focusing on key points.
    • Designed to address business rather than just working in it.
    • Keeps your business moving in the strategic direction you identify.
  • Access to Intrinsic Motivation Strategic Planning templates.
    • Designed to provide you with templates that support your strategy.
    • Keeps tools in your hands to capture and consolidate the best ideas.
  • Unlimited phone calls between meetings related to strategy.
    • Designed to address issues that come up that impact strategy.
    • Keeps the strategy discussion in focus throughout the month.
  • Freedom to invite key managers into the strategy meetings as you deem appropriate.
    • Designed to engage key managers in business strategy.
    • Keeps these managers engaged in the big picture.
  • Discounts on public sessions of the Intrinsic Motivation Training Workshops.
    • Designed to teach management skills congruent with individual motivations.
    • Keeps training affordable while increasing effectiveness.
    • Sessions can be conducted in person and video conference.

This Strategic Planning Program Delivers Value

If you find it not to meet your expectation, you may cancel with 30 days notice without any future obligations. You should plan on meeting between six to eight months to implement the full program in a sustainable manner.

(Note: We only work with six to eight companies at a time based upon size and complexity.)

Contact us for availability and to explore of our Strategic Planning Program is right for your situation.