Person Centered Training

Steve Tonkin and Company provides person centered training and software (SaaS) solutions begin with each person. Our person centered leadership training and seminars will develop leaders, uncover new leaders, strengthens communication and mutual understanding, build trust, and improve teamwork. Our corporate headquarters is in Denver, Colorado and we travel. We develop our own SaaS solutions and are also preparing to offer licensing and certification options to qualified organizations and people.

Motivation & Team Building Training

In order to provide the most value to our clients, we develop our own team building training solutions using our own data platform. We customize our person training and SaaS solutions to address your unique needs and achieve your unique goals. Our approach goes beyond behavioral modification promoted by many other companies. Instead, we help individuals discover and leverage their own intrinsic motivation so they will naturally work toward the goals that help each team player achieve professional and corporate success.

We believe in helping each person find their own confidence in order to contribute to building a competent team. We offer motivational team building seminars and teambuilding workshops that assist your team with enhanced trust, communication, and collaboration. Our workshops validate each individual’s singular contribution while showing them how to enhance their skills for the advancement of the team.

The Caring Project

We are proud to announce The Caring Project, our new patient centered care solution for healthcare systems, providers, and care givers. The current healthcare initiative toward accountable care models require patient-centered care solutions. Engaging the patient requires knowing the patient beyond traditional diagnosis and treatment models.

The Caring Project provides a patient-centered care solution that allows each caregiver to engage patients more effectively based upon seven caring modes. The Caring Project currently offers workshops for caregivers. We are also developing a SaaS solution whereby healthcare providers will be able to measure the caring modes of each patient. The caring modes questionnaire will produce an immediate and easily understandable result that provides the caregiver with immediate insight into their patent’s caring needs before the first appointment.

Executive Leadership Seminar

Design your culture of success through our Executive Leadership Seminar. This seminar will help executive teams improve their overall culture utilizing the same intrinsic motivation model utilized in all of our person centered training solutions.

This seminar will help your executive team come together and appreciate each other in a new way leading to more cohesion, understanding, and improved communication. Strong executive teams need mutual trust, strong communication, and a collaborative contributions. This seminar will allow you to customize your experience to address the biggest needs of your executive team.

We invite you to experience our unique approach with no obligation before you schedule a motivation workshop or seminar with us by calling (720) 515-1177 today.