We put the person in person-centered planning. It is not about a label, diagnosis, or one’s utilitarian value.

Our innovative approach seeks to uncover each person’s unique identity by recognizing the innate value of each person, mapping his or her intrinsic motivations, and discovering what is important to a person that is based upon their values. Once recognized, that person can step into a life of purpose. Purpose opens the door for individuals to lead meaningful and integrated lives in community. For those living with disability, the opportunities and pathways are limited.

According to SB 16-077, Colorado’s Employment First Legislation, “eighty-five percent of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are either unemployed or underemployed due to many employment barriers and disincentives, despite their ability, desire, and willingness to work in the community;” (Source SB 16-077) This statistic is consistent nationally. The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2015, only 17.5 percent of persons with a disability were employed.

No person should be seen through the eyes of disability or judged upon appearance or lack of a certain appearance. Our person-centered planning program provides training and resources to support case managers, transition services and supported employment providers, veterans, caregivers, and families. We also offer a unique diversity training utilizing the same person-centered approach so all people might be viewed through each person’s unique identity.

To engage in true person-centered planning requires an understanding of the intrinsic motivations of individuals and how those motivations shape communication style, choices and behaviors—this is true of every person.

Person-centered planning provides tools that support the development and expression of personal choice; approaching it from an understanding of an individual’s intrinsic motivations, embraces and supports the identification of the person’s strengths, goals, preferences, needs, and desired outcomes, leading to the crafting of a desirable life-style and new possibilities for each person.


(Participant) has blossomed since we took into consideration her Intrinsic Motivation mix! It solidified what we knew about her and gave us the tools we needed in order to set her up for success. So much so that she now is employed at our agency and not only has shown success in her current position, but has made strides in her personal life towards happiness! We are in awe of her and thankful we have the tools through IM to better meet her strengths.” - Bryn Galisewski, Executive Director, Stepping Stone Support Center


“I found this workshop to provide very eye-opening and moving results that have afforded me another avenue to understand and communicate and interact with individuals in a passive yet very deliberate and successful manner.” – Meagan A. SPED Masters Candidate UC Denver


“If our students are able to find their intrinsic motivators and use these to their advantage it will be amazing to see what they are able to do with their lives.” - Mackenzie M.


“I really liked the conversation around intrinsic motivation; what it is, how it is related to person centered planning.  Identifying my own intrinsic motivators was helpful in thinking about how I act towards others in many areas of life.” – Grace K.

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