Authentic Identity Live Online Training

Authentic Identity For Leaders

Identify your leadership stress points that distract your focus and drain your energy. Define your leadership style with who you are and not just by what you do.

Authentic Identity For Managers

Influence your team with confidence, clarity, and a caring attitude. Gain true respect from the people whom you lead. Get the results your company expects you to deliver.

Authentic Identity For Your Life

Discover how your Intrinsic Motivations and passion can give your life a meaningful purpose. Don’t live life to exist. Learn how to live with authentic identity.

You don’t have to fake it until you make it…Become It!

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Why Discover Your Authentic Identity?

Our training will give you the language, understanding, and strategies to deal with most any issue by living in your authentic identity. You do not have to pretend or be fake to achieve success or deal with your challenges. Regardless of your compelling issue, being real will strengthen how you view yourself, improve your relationship with other people, and help you step into your future with confidence.

You can find it by properly align your personal identity with your job.

You can make decisions that will give you more personal control.

You can understand and work effectively with different personalities.

You can influence your employees to positive outcomes.

You can negotiate a better work environment.

Job changes may not help, but you can pursue your options.

This offer will give you a first-hand experience about what makes us different.

Customers reviews

"I found the training to be a tour de force of ideas that I could immediately put into practice. It opened my eyes to why I do what I do at work and how I can leverage my strengths as well as mediate and improve in other areas.”
"My personal struggle with a co-working was so bad that I was going to quit my job. Your training gave me the words to approach that person and work out our differences. Today, we get along and continue to work closely together.”
"The advice and guidance that I received provided confidence and direction in both my personal life and professional career. The process greatly increased my understanding of how I work and where I can best use my talents.”

Don’t wait for your company to bring our training to you. Take charge of your own learning with the information and strategies you will receive in this life special virtual online training offer. 

You will receive:

  • Intrinsic Motivation Assessment
  • “What matters to me?” questionnaire
  • Authentic Identity Template
  • Electronic PDF of our training and resource manual
  • One-Year Subscription to our podcast, “The Why Influence”
  • (You will receive all the material, including your assessment results, at the time of your training session)
  • Option to schedule additional 1-hour sessions at our special $99 rate

How It Works:

  1. Provide your name, contact, and payment information
  2. You will receive an email link to complete your assessment and questionnaire once we process your registration (usually within 1-business day)
  3. Schedule your training session

We offer a money-back guarantee after you complete your training session. If you do not receive the value that we promise from our initial discussion, we will refund your money in full.