Steve Tonkin and Company provides expert speakers and keynotes on Intrinsic Motivation to a wide-variety of audiences. We are not motivational speakers who has climbed a mountain or survived a horrific experience, but rather helps people explore the the power of an intrinsically motivated life utilizing an easy 10-minute online questionnaire and an interactive presentation that engages audience participants, personal experiences and successes from our study and work in on the topic of intrinsic motivation. If you need a keynote on intrinsic motivation, contact us to discuss your needs.

Each keynote is carefully customized to meet your objectives as well as your audience’s needs. We will also adjust the content to fit the length and style of the keynote your event requires. Contact us to discuss how the Intrinsic Motivation topic can be adapted to your needs.



Discover the Power of Intrinsically Motivated People

Intrinsic Motivation is within each person. You simply need to begin the process of discovering, understanding, and leveraging it to make a more powerful impact in your professional and personal career.

This topic is applicable to companies and organizations who seek to tap into the intrinsic motivation of their people.

Learning your Intrinsically Motivated Communication Style

Learning your Intrinsic Motivation and how it affects communication provides clear insight as to why we communicate and listen the way we do. This keynote provides an interactive presentation exploring each participant’s natural communication style and how to better understand others and resolve conflict.

This topic is applicable to companies and organizations who seek to tap into the intrinsic motivation of their people and help them become more effective communicators and better able to resolve communication conflict.

Intrinsic Motivation and Ethical Organizations

Keynote on Business EthicsTrusting each other and your organization is critical to successful teamwork. This keynote connects different intrinsic motivations to each person’s ethical filters or boundaries. We address how differently motivated people identify ethical decisions and how they will tend to respond. Ethical behavior begins with personal responsibility and is best understood out of intrinsic motivation and personal values.

This topic is applicable to business professionals who believes the value of high ethical standards through personal responsibility.

Mentoring the Next Generation

Motivating teams require a working knowledge of different generations. Most people in today’s workforce fit into one of three different generations. It is not enough to simply understand the differences, but to understand the similarities that can be established with similar intrinsic motivations. This keynote may also be utilized to introduce our Corporate Mentoring Workshop to your organization.

This topic is applicable to business professionals who want to explore the value and rewards of developing a mentor/mentee relationship.

Improving your Self-Image by Living an Intrinsically Motivated Life

We believe one of the biggest challenge of building a healthy organization and strong teams is the insecurity people feel. While people cannot control their circumstances, they can control how they view themselves. The most healthy self-image is not found in what you do, but rather in who you are as expressed by your intrinsic motivations. A healthy self-image is one of the most important characteristics every person needs to develop if they are going to feel good about themselves and confident before others. We explore three-core questions and how they inform what we do, rather than trying to define our self-image by what we do.

This topic is applicable to companies and organizations who seek to help their people view themselves and become a more confident contributor to the organization.

The Significance of Intrinsic Motivation in Caring for Others

This topic explores the role intrinsically motivated caregivers to effective care-giving and why some people are naturally better caregivers than others. It explores why some people are better at expressing empathetic care along with physical care.

This topic is applicable to medical professionals and caregivers who regularly care for those who are ill, disabled, in chronic pain, or aging.

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