Culture and Leadership Template

Every successful organizational culture needs to share a common language, value system, goals, and purpose. 

Success happens when each person is working as an intrinsically motivated person doing work that they love. Our Culture and Leadership Template provides a model that helps each person work from a position of natural strength. We call it a template to allow flexibility for intrinsically motivated people to address a wide-range of issues in a wide variety of organizations.

This strategic management template provides the model to:

  • Discover the intrinsic motivation and values of each person.
  • Consider the culture in which the team is expected to perform.
  • Define and educate participants on the three roles present in every organization that enhances autonomous, creative and productive work.
  • Align communication and processes throughout the organization.
  • Positions management properly and provide effective training that fosters success.
The Intrinsic Motivation Culture and Leadership Template provides a model to help establish shared language and structure assuring each employee understands what makes the organization successful and what their responsibility is to help achieve this success. It can be implemented in a way that overlays your existing organizational structure. Whether you want to use it for your whole organization, within a specific department, or individually, the Intrinsic Motivation Culture and Leadership Template will be a powerful tool to create your culture of success.

Contact us to explore how our Culture and Leadership Template and how it can provide a model to help you achieve your organizational success.