Executive Leadership Seminar

Build your culture of success through our Executive Leadership Seminar. This seminar will help executive teams improve their overall culture utilizing the same intrinsic motivation model. This seminar will help your executive team come together and appreciate each other in a new way. Your team will experience more cohesion, understanding, and improved communication.

Strong executive teams share mutual trust and strong communication within a collaborative environment. This seminar will allow you to customize your seminar to address the biggest needs of your executive team.

Explore the intrinsic motivations that define your leadership style and how people respond to it.

Our 2-part full day Executive Leadership Seminar explores your leadership style in the first half of the day and focuses on one seminar topic you choose that focuses on building your executive team in the second half of the day.

Leadership & Motivation

It is easy to spend time and money on leadership courses. It may not be as easy to get value out of them. We believe the most effective courses first the leader and than the skill. Our person-centered Executive Leadership Seminar begins with each person by exploring how each participant is naturally wired through our proprietary intrinsic motivation assessment.  This 10 minute assessment will provide the road map that will help you determine your best leadership style and how you will most effectively impact your colleagues and employees. The objectives of the first half of the day are:

  • Learn our 7-motivations that determine your leadership style.
  • Explore how you naturally influence your team and motivate others.
  • Consider how others are impacted by your leadership style
  • Develop executive leadership skills that will work best for you.

Executive Leadership Seminar Topics


Each unique executive team deals with its own challenges. Our leadership courses for executives build upon the first-half on the day by addressing some of the biggest challenges faced by any team. Leadership training should have an individual application and a team application. Our topics are unique in that they are built around the 7 core motivations.


  • Building Trust – This seminar helps each person think about how their leadership builds or undermines trust with others.
  • Effective Communication – This seminar explores how your communication effects your leadership style and how to create more clarity.
  • Working Together Well – This seminar explores the unique contribution your leadership style brings to your team and how you can work together more effectively.
  • Innovative and Creativity – This seminar will identify your most creative and innovative team members and those who are better at critique and evaluation utilizing the 7 motivations and our creativity model.
  • Strategic Facilitation – This seminar allows the trainer to become the facilitator so you can address any other unique challenge your executive team is facing utilizing our professional facilitation model.

Each seminar is designed around the needs of executives. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


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