Executive Leadership Seminar

Build your culture of success through our employee-centered Executive Leadership Seminar. This seminar uses our employee-centered model so each participant will explore their intrinsic motivations and values to help determine their leadership style is being received by others.

Our Executive Leadership Seminar is strategically focused allowing you to design an experience to deal with a real issue.

Your executive team come together and appreciate each other in new ways and experience more cohesion, understanding, and improved communication.

Executive Leadership Seminar

By exploring your intrinsic motivations and values, you will define your most effective leadership style and predict how individuals will respond to it.

Our 2-part full-day Executive Leadership Seminar explores your leadership style in the first half of the day and focuses on one seminar topic you choose that focuses on a specific topic in the second half of the day.

The first half of the day, we:

  • Discover each person’s 7-motivations that determine leadership style.
  • Explore how to naturally influence your team and motivate others.
  • Consider how others respond to your leadership style.
  • Develop executive leadership skills that will work best for you.

The second half of the day, you pick one of the following topics:

  • Building Trust – This topic helps each person think about how their leadership builds or undermines trust with others.
  • Effective Communication – This topic explores how your communication affects your leadership style and how to get your message across to others more effectively. 
  • Working Together Well – This topic explores the unique contribution your leadership style brings to your team and how you can work together more effectively.
  • Innovative and Creativity – This topic incorporates our innovation and creativity process to identify and solve a specific issue. 
  • Strategic Facilitation  This topic allows the trainer to become the facilitator so you can address any other unique challenge your executive team is facing using our professional facilitation model.

When it comes to executive training, you have many solid choices. The material you will receive in this seminar is applicable to every part of your organization.

Your entire organization is watching your executive team so it is imperative that they are working together in a supporting manner. Organizations that have a culture of success rely on each executive team member align with the purpose and value of the organization. 

Each seminar is designed around the needs of executives.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.