Business mentoring helps employees and businesses succeed

Business Mentoring

  1. Because it creates a cooperative work environment.
  2. Because it strengthens work skills.
  3. Because people can share in common purposes and goals.

Does your company believe employees are the most valuable asset in its organization? Establishing a business mentoring program is an important step to help employees believe that they are your company’s most valuable asset.


What We Do

Our business mentoring program helps companies understand the value of mentoring by providing live workshop training that helps participants understand themselves, others, and the generational differences found in every culturally-diverse workforce.

We begin with a one-of-a-kind training day that blends the latest research on generational differences with the groundbreaking studies on intrinsic motivation to provide a unique experience that will engage and challenge your team to consider, learn, and enter mentoring relationships.


Generational Differences

Generational differences in the workplace is currently a big topic and for a good reason. Each generation brings a distinct culture to their workplace often resulting in tensions or confusion as employees confront differences in values and expectations in others. Understanding these unique generational characteristics is an important starting point in cross-generational mentoring.

Understanding starts as “head knowledge” but is not fully appreciated until it is also understood in the context of relationships. We believe that understanding is best facilitated through cross-generational mentoring in which both people involved are able to value, learn from one another, and appreciate the unique contribution of each person.


Intrinsic Motivation

Understanding the intrinsic motivations of each person is the other critical step to build an effective mentoring program.  We carefully define intrinsic motivations as seven core descriptors that reside at the core of each person. Once a person discovers and understands his or her motivations, the person begins to see how motivations act as personal filters. These personal filters define an employee’s approach to doing their best work, and their ability to communicate and collaborate with others.

Our studies indicate people with similar motivational mixes make the best mentor/mentee relationships. Simply put, they “get each other”, regardless of age, career stage, personality, or interests. The intrinsic motivations of a person do not change over time and therefore provide a more predictable basis upon which to build trust and relational connections.


The Business Mentoring Workshop

This one-day interactive workshop is three workshops in one.

  1. Understanding Generational Differences
  2. Identifying and Understanding Your Intrinsic Motivations
  3. Learning Intentional Listening and Communication Skills


Matching Process

There are many methods to help match mentors/mentees including computer modeling and questionnaires. By themselves, we think these approaches are too impersonal and don’t address the core elements of who people are. Instead, our approach is to empower people with self-awareness and insight about their own motivational mixes, personal values, and career path. From that foundation of knowledge, we believe people are the best judges of a good match and will self-select the relationship that will provide the best success for them.


The Schedule

A Sample Workshop Schedule

  1. General Session 1 – Introduction (8:00 – 8:20)
  2. Workshop Session 1 (8:30 – 10:20)
    • Understanding Generational Differences (Group A)
    • Understanding Intrinsic Motivation (Group B)
  3. Break (10:20 – 10:35)
  4. Workshop Session 2 (10:35 – 12:25)
    • Understanding Generational Differences (Group B)
    • Understanding Intrinsic Motivation (Group A
  5. Lunch (12:30 – 1:15)
  6. General Session 2 – Engage Mentoring (1:15 – 2:15)
    • Short session on tying Generational Differences and Intrinsic Motivation
    • Finding a mentor/mentee
    • How to Establish a Mentoring Agreement
  7. Learning Intentional Listening and Communication Skills (2:15 – 4:15)
  8. Wrap-Up (4:15 – 4:45)


About The Facilitators

Dr. Elisabeth Sbanotto is a multi-generational culture expert who helps organizations understand the value different generations bring to their workplace. She earned her PhD in counselor education from the University of Arkansas where she wrote her dissertation on “Generational Affiliation as a Component of Culture”. She regularly works with government, business, and non-profit groups. She is currently Assistant Professor at Denver Seminary.

Steve Tonkin is a motivational strategist who helps organizations create cultures of success through intrinsically motivated people. For the past 30 years, he has taught, led, and facilitated groups. He also spent 20 years in financial accounting and management. He combines his professional experience with some of the late research on human motivation and management to develop and deliver training programs to help both individuals and organizational leaders create their culture of success.


Betsy and Steve regularly collaborate on thought-leading projects that help people. We are colleagues with different bosses. We are pleased to present our business mentoring workshop to your organization. Contact us to discuss your training needs and we will work to accommodate your objectives.




“Together, Steve Tonkin and Elisabeth Sbanotto complete a sensational circle that enables their audience to understand themselves and the people around them. Steve provides the insight into intrinsic motivations and Elisabeth reveals the common threads found among generational cohorts. Combined, these revelations have allowed the members of the All Hazards Incident Management Teams Association to explore the friction points that exist within their incident management teams, and among the team members; lessons from the presentations will help attendees to resolve conflict and enhance team dynamics. The presentations by both speakers were applauded by all who attended, and many have stated that the personal “takeaways” from the presentations will significantly benefit them beyond just their involvement in an incident management team, but will also help their performance in their full-time careers as well as in their personal lives. It is without question that I highly recommend Steve and/or Elisabeth to speak at any conference, regardless of discipline or industry; I also recommend them for consultation with any agency, business, or organization, because hiring them both is a synergistic multiplier that you will not regret.”

Randal A. Collins, President, AHIMTA


“The most rewarding experience in life is found in giving to others.”