Do you need a business ethics keynote speaker? Steve Tonkin and Jeff VanKooten have joined forces to deliver a higher level experience on a desperately yet typically boring topic. Well, if you think ethics is boring, it won’t be for long if you deal with a breach of ethics. Ethics: At What Price? This interactive keynote will challenge your audience to consider how they approach ethical situations.

Why Include a Keynote on Ethics in your Event?

Ethics Keynote


Today business professional faces ethical situations every day regardless of their level of influence or position. Ethical challenges come in many forms and with wide ranging consequences. In this presentation, I pose three questions that each person should ask to aid in ethical decision making.

Presentation Content

Using current events, relevant case studies, or personal illustrations, I will explain the three questions to aid ethical decision making and the benefits or dangers of each one. Ethical decisions push toward a right or wrong based upon some moral code, yet the lines are not always clear. This keynote proposes the ethic of reciprocity as a good starting point. The presentation concludes with a challenge for each participant to take a personal inventory about how they view themselves as the first step of ethical decision making and the importance of preparing for them.

Ethical behavior is not something we do, it is something we reflect!

  • Know yourself:
  • Know the rules:
  • Know your neighbor:

Target Audience

Individuals and organizations that value ethical behavior, corporate responsibility, and appreciate trusting relationships with those whom they work and live.


This presentation fits easily within a 45 minute time frame, but can be adjusted according to the needs of the organizer that may include a short Q&A time.

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About Us

Steve Tonkin has a message to get out. He is committed to bringing some of the latest research and original thinking to audiences in a manner that will resonate with them and find practical application for them. His interest in the topics of ethics is deeply rooted from his educational experience and from an interesting experience about how the attorneys raided his office while he was on vacation. Ethical decision making touches everyone everyday, yet ethical dilemmas resulting from others actions can take us by surprise.  Click on his name to read more.

Jeff VanKooten is a great communicator of this message.  He engages audiences with clarity and enthusiasm. Click on his name to read more.

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