Business and Leadership Coaching

Any coach can tell you what they think you need to do for your success. 

The challenge is defining what works for you and how to sustain your plan over time.

24 Hour Availability

My Promise

As your business and leadership coach, I help you develop an achievable and sustainable plan that will align with your intrinsic motivations and values. I provide guidance and accountability to keep your dreams on track. My coaching model is proprietary and proven.  

My mentorship style makes me available to you when you have questions, want to think through an issue, help with a decision, or talk. You can reach me by phone, video, text, or in-person that works for your schedule. Practically 24-Hour availability!

Working with Steve

Steve Tonkin Coaching-11.34

I will help you discover your authenticity that will bring out the best in you. You will be able to do the things that you love and in a way that you can sustain them. You will align your goals to your intrinsic motivations and focus on work that is important to you. 

You Own What You Build!

Forcing people into awkward situations or an arbitrary program never works well. Working together, we will develop a plan that is congruent with how you function naturally.

I will lead you through a process of:

  • Discovery and Affirmation
  • Understanding and Prioritizing
  • Strategy and Action

Our meetings will give you space to explore, experiment, and grow. My rich training content will challenge you with new ideas and approaches.

Understanding and Prioritizing

My coaching program includes:

  • Access to me without the need to schedule meetings to get a quick answer
  • Live online training offers rich content with an interactive experience
  • A strategic approach helps you build your plan
  • An evaluation process that allows for flexibility and pivots
  • My problem-solving process identifies core problems and charts a path to deal with them effectively and efficiently.
  • An innovation and creativity process converts ideas into reality.
  • My relationship-building process strengthens connections without drama.
  • Material is easy to read and understand.

My Guarantee: A No-Risk Initial Meeting

I will give you a full refund after our initial training and discovery meeting if I’m not a fit for you or if you believe that you will not receive good value for my services.

Of course, you will receive immediate value without obligation even if you decide to go in another direction. This “No-Obligation” training and discovery meeting lasts up to two hours and offers undeniable value immediately.

More About Me

I Am:


I own my coaching model. Incorporating the best research and customize a program that aligns with you and your goals. I don’t use systems or material that require royalties or licensing fees paid to other companies.


My ideal client is curious about possibilities, wants to change their world, and I can consider a friend. I do not work with anyone with a wallet and a dream. 


A coaching fee is set at the beginning of the contract, payable over the contract’s life. I do not charge an hourly rate. You avoid the pressure of the “meter” ticking. My approach allows you to work at your pace without worry about additional charges under the contract terms.


Availability is imperative to my clients. We can talk or text each day or every few days. It’s your choice. We will schedule appointments to do the hard work and will talk regularly to keep you on track.

How I Became a Coach

My business and leadership mentoring and coaching service is nothing new to me. Since early in my career, my deepest desire was to help other people in meaningful ways. I started (???).