Steve Tonkin & Company

“Training and coaching people discover and express their Authentic Identity”

Steve Tonkin and Company creates and distributes proprietary training and assessments that help people better connect with and understand each other. Our training solutions seek to help people find their authentic identity and become influencers, effective communicators, and purpose-driven individuals.

Each assessment aims to strengthen human connection and deepen personal understanding and direction. Our corporate training improves teamwork by building stronger individual identities that increase engagement.

When you step into your authentic identity and work in your natural gifting, you become more productive, supportive of others, and help promote a friendly environment.

Steve Tonkin

Steve passionately pursues helping people understand their personal and professional identity and relates it to a life of significance and meaning. He is a student of human motivation and converts the best research into practical corporate training systems. As a lifelong learner, Steve finds and connects the dots from various disciplines to improve awareness, understanding, and solutions to current issues faced by people in their life and with the people with whom they live, work, and serve. The older he gets, the more dots he finds to connect. Steve pursues the field of Intrinsic Motivation due to his dissatisfaction with training programs that merely focus on behavior modification and external incentives.

His unique background includes over 30 years of experience teaching, leading, and facilitating groups. His direct business context includes working 20 years as a financial accountant and controller in the fiber, construction, graphic arts and printing, public accounting, and waste and recycling industries. Steve earned a BA in Youth Ministry from Colorado Christian University, a Master of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary, and an advanced accounting certificate from the College of DuPage, in Illinois. Steve enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and family hikes.

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