Go ahead. Jump on the bandwagon. Everyone wants to be associated with a winner. Losing is no fun and most of us go to great lengths to avoid it. In the absence of a true passion for a person or cause, we withhold our commitment as long as possible to avoid being associated with a loser.

When we commit to a person or a cause after success is evident, we might be accused of jumping on the bandwagon. This old metaphor serves as a picture of how we might come across as opportunistic rather than a vested contributor.

There seems to be a lot of wait-and-see attitudes in today’s society, but we lose opportunities. Playing it safe may be prudent in business or financial pursuits, but it is selfish in human pursuits. Our world is desperate for people who are willing to take risks for others. Words of encourage, acts of random kindness, sacrificial service, or even gentle confrontation are all examples of people who take risks for others.

Today is Election Day 2012. It is a day secured for us by the men and women who have sacrificed for our freedom. It is a privilege provided to us by those who made commitments out of honor and duty rather than pure opportunism.

I have friends who will say good bye to their son in two weeks as he goes off to serve in the military. I have other friends who cannot wait to see their sons and daughters who currently serve in far away places. By God’s grace, I have been spared the pain of grieving the loss of a any friend’s child while in military service.

Today, I vote with both a spirit of American pride and human humility. Despite the challenges, we have a lot to be thankful for in America today. May we all express our appreciation to those who secure our freedom.

May we also be people who invest in our friends and neighbors. Taking a wait-and-see attitude likely robs you of the blessing of investing in others and, in turn, limits their potential. Rather than wait for the bandwagon to come rumbling down the road, take a risk on someone.

How have you been helped by people who took a risk on you?

Jump on the Bandwagon

2 thoughts on “Jump on the Bandwagon

  • Nothing happens if you do not take risks. You’ve invested in us Steve and I am very grateful. I remember thirty years ago when I was leaving for basic training, wild horses couldn’t have stopped me. Kevin is ready and eager to go, we are very proud of him and happy that he has chosen a path and is taking it. God can’t steer him in the direction He wants Kevin to go if there is no forward movement. Oh but how we will miss him!

    1. Your commitment and character is evident in your kids. Thanks for your service and kind words.

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