Can you make a real difference? It is easy to think problems should be solved by someone else. After all, don’t you have enough to worry about? Take a quick scan of the horizon that makes up your life. Consider the current status of your family, job, relatives, the country, finances, living environment, etc. You will find ample evidence that you have enough on your plate. Can you find fulfillment in life just trying to solve your own problems? Do you ever consider you might possess the resources and creativity to make a difference?

The most rewarding action we can take is to invest our life into another person. This may be done through a cause since most all causes ultimately support people. It is tempting to pull the “someday” or “when things slow down” card, but that just does not lead to any form of difference making.

While many people possess an inner desire to do something significant and make a real difference, it is easy to set those feelings aside as you face the realities of each day. I find inspiration from those people who identify a need and seek to address it with the resources they have on hand. They are people with great passion and funnel their desire to help into a cause.

One such person is my friend, Jason K. Powers. I met Jason almost ten years ago and continually enjoy a court-side seat of his adventures to make a difference with his camera. His stories and pictures leave me with a sense of awe as I think, “Are you serious?”  One example was his desire to help a remote tribe in NE India. Just accessing this remote part of India was an adventure akin to an Indiana Jones expedition. He documented his multiple trips in photos and worked to raise funds and built a water delivery system to the village. The previous water delivery system consisted of women and children carrying heavy water containers up a steep hillside each day.

I want to share Jason’s latest project with you. He is documenting Denver’s Hidden Homeless. This year-long project will focus on four types of homeless people who do not fit the stereo-types of the panhandlers many of us associate with homelessness. Jason wants to document the true faces of homelessness which I believe will be a real step toward addressing the issue. Unfortunately, many people use disadvantaged people to advance their own cause. These opportunists do more to enslave people to poverty than contributing to a real solution. I will support Jason because he is not an opportunist, but a person of genuine passion and integrity as demonstrated by his own lifestyle of simplicity.

Can you make a real difference? If your answer is “no”, I suspect you look at the world as a big problem and yourself as an insignificant contributor.

It is time to change your perspective by flipping your paradigm.

Identify a small piece of your world and explore how significant you can become by solving a problem.

I seek to help people understand their personal significance and unique qualities based upon their intrinsic motivations. Too many people sell themselves short and rob the world of their special contribution to make a real difference.

What prevents you from making a real difference in your world?

Can You Make a Real Difference?

2 thoughts on “Can You Make a Real Difference?

  • Steve,

    I agree. We could transform this world for the better if we all took the time just to positively impact one other person’s life each day. Maybe its a smile, a friendly hello, buying them lunch or just providing a listening ear. It doesn’t cost much to change someone else’s life other than our time and willingness to do so.

    1. What a great place to start. It might be difficult if all we cannot manage to look beyond our own horizon or own noses.

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