Today is the Thanksgiving holiday in my community; A day to give thanks. Historically, we gather to give thanks similar to the colonists in Plymouth and the Wampanoag Indians did in 1621 to celebrate a good harvest. We may not be farmers or turkey hunters, but we still must harvest the fruits of our labor.

We tend to set aside one day per year to celebrate major events even though we enjoy the benefits all year long. Therefore, it is important to slow down and give our special days their due.

Regardless whether we are experiencing a season of plenty or one of scarcity, our willingness to give thanks is important in order to keep our perspective. It is easy to take for granted the very things and people that give our life richness and reward.

As a kid, I was mostly thankful for the four day weekend called Thanksgiving break to escape the confinement of school. I also celebrated pumpkin pie and the opportunity to play with my cousins. Over the years, and after a bit more toil, I realize the unique times in which I live. I now believe that it is less important of the amount of blessings, but the quality of the blessings.

Here is a summary about what I am thankful for today.

Faith: I am grateful for a life of faith and belief, rather than skepticism and narcissism. I have found great purpose in the “Great Command”, the “Golden Rule” or the “Silver Rule”. Basically, love God and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Conversely, do not do to others what you would not like them do to you.

Family: There is no greater earthly blessing than my family. I married up and my kids are all smarter and cuter than me. My kids and my friends constantly remind me of these facts. My wife sees no reason to come to my defense, yet continues to sacrificially love me. I am also blessed with a large extended family, although we are scattered across the country.

Friends: I celebrate Facebook. It has allowed me to reconnect with friends from my childhood and early adult years. Today, I continue to enjoy rich friendships, especially during holidays, car breakdowns, and times I need to move something heavy.

Finances: Today we feast. I learn each day that it is far less important as to how much we have, but how we use what we have. Another word I use is “provision”. I have also come to understand that I only need a daily allowance.

Foundation: A well-lived life requires a good foundation. Some things we can control by the choices we make. Some things we do not control because of what life serves us. Overall, I am thankful for the foundation upon which my life rests as illustrated above.

A day of thanksgiving does not do justice to the gratitude we should have each day. I think a lot of us forget to be thankful. Therefore, we need a day that is set aside to remind us of our need to give thanks and express our appreciation to others. You may be thankful for different things, but I hope each of you enjoy a foundation as strong as mine.

What you are thankful for today?

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A Day to Give Thanks
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  • Today I am especially thankful for my in-laws. They are a tremendous blessing to me, and to us. Pretty often I find myself asking God to give me daughters-in-law who feel for me the way I feel for my husband’s mother.

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