Are you preparing your New Year’s resolution? Historically speaking, I have made a few New Year’s resolutions in my life. I use the word “few” because I discovered that they are hard to keep. I had every intent of keeping the few resolutions I made, but I found it easy to push aside due to my forgetfulness and busyness.

January 1st may be only a date on the calendar, but it can mark a fresh start or a new beginning. It represents the hope of a new and better year provided you are intentional about what you want to do.

At first, the idea of a New Year’s resolution sounded fun. I was young and subject to the influence of my parents and other adults. They spoke of their resolutions in a casual manner as if they did not want to be held accountable to them. They declared their resolutions with either jest or sarcasm as they decreed how they were going to stop smoking, exercise more, or pay off debts. I too made mental accent to some lofty goal such as keeping my bedroom clean, doing my homework, or some other anti-childlike behavior. The New Year’s resolution became more of an annual conversation to amuse ourselves rather than a decision to make a meaningful change.

The past couple years, I decided to give it another try. After all, my kids remind me there is no shortage of improvements I can address. I think my first resolution was moderately successful. Although I do not remember exactly what I resolved to do, it did not prevent me from making a resolution for this year.

This year’s resolution is to communicate with clarity and brevity. This may sound like a strange resolution, but I trust those who must listen to me appreciate my efforts. I am personally motivated to collect, process, and sharing ideas and information. I also have a tendency to be a verbal processor. This is not necessarily a good combination. So far, I consider my current resolution to be a success, perhaps a “B-minus”. I still have a month to go.

Considering my self-proclaimed success, I have decided to make another resolution for next year. It will be something similar that will not require a strict investment of time or physical labor. Those types of resolutions are not congruent to my intrinsic motivations.

Most people have a desire to learn and improve. Remaining competitive in today’s world requires continual improvement. Establishing a New Year’s resolution can set a tone to become that person, or establish a discipline, that will provide you with confidence and satisfaction that comes through accomplishments.

Making a New Year’s resolution is essentially setting a goal. Therefore, consider the following:

  • Define your resolution in specific terms. This may include numbers or qualifiers that you can evaluate throughout the year to measure progress. I listen to feedback from my blog readers to determine whether I write with clarity and brevity.
  • Establish a realistic target. It is great to shoot for the stars, but not if it sets you up for failure. It is better to achieve a small goal rather than feel the defeat of an unrealistic goal.
  • Write-out your resolution and place it where you will regularly see it. Our good intentions seldom materialize if we forget what we set out to do. A simple glance at your resolution can be encouraging as you experience success.
  • Share it with someone who can provide feedback and encouragement. Receiving regular feedback is imperative to maintaining personal motivation. Choose this person carefully as you do not want to give more ammunition to a person who is not looking out for your best interest.
  • Record the little wins throughout the year that indicate steps toward achieving your resolution. Seeing progress is important to maintaining focus. Evaluating your progress will build confidence throughout the year.
  • Consider a resolution that helps you position for something greater than yourself or current position. It may be your first-step up the stairwell to the next floor in life. Some aspirations do not provide elevators; therefore our dreams require a bit more work.
  • Celebrate success along the way. Incremental success is imperative to overall success. Allow other people to celebrate with you. By so doing, you may encourage others along their journey.

Consider a New Year’s resolution for the coming year. It is a simple way to establish a goal and take a step along your journey of becoming the person you are meant to be. Even if you have not experienced success in the past, the process can provide some introspection on what is truly important in life.

What do you think is a good New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year?

Preparing Your New Year’s Resolution

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