How many times do you find yourself at a point where you need to make a decision about whether or not you need to step out in faith or shrink back in fear?  My intent is not to discuss the philosophical, theological, or psychological theories around this topic, but to simply start the conversation and offer some personal perspectives.

Everyone has the ability to live by faith.  You may consciously consider your faith and live accordingly, or demonstrate an unconscious faith as evidenced by the fact that you just sat down in the chair at your computer without first verifying its ability sustain your weight.  Faith is a powerful motivator, but many people remain locked in fear.  Fear does play an important role in life by keeping us out of trouble, but it can also play a negative role by keeping us from opportunity.

The purpose of this blog is to help you work well, communicate clearly, and collaborate (produce) effectively.  Faith and fear will play a major role in how well we accomplish those goals.

Faith and confidence go hand-in-hand when it comes to work.  If you don’t have confidence or competency in your work, it will be difficult for others to have faith in your ability to do the job.  If you do not enjoy, or are not motivated to do, the work you are tasked to do, it is difficult to develop those competencies.

Fear affects our communication with one another.  Will I say it correctly?  Will they hear what I mean?  Will someone disagree or correct me?  Do I really know what I’m talking about?  These little questions are characterized by fear that may keep us from participating in the conversation.  Unfortunately, many good ideas are lost because of these questions.

Faith is critical in collaboration and trust.  We collaborate with other people almost every day.  If we don’t have a level of trust and faith with our co-collaborators, the team can never function correctly.

Until we deal with our fears, we will never experience the benefits of living by faith.

Here are a few suggestions to drive self-limiting fear out of your life:

  1. Identify your fears.  Go ahead and write them down.
  2. Identify what feeds your fear.  There are many reasons for fear, but until you can identify the source of your fears, you can’t deal with them.
  3. Identify the impact of fear.  Don’t live in the shadows of shame.  Everyone has experiences haunting experiences from their past.  They can cast a long shadow.  This may require counseling, confession, confrontation, or forgiveness.  Until you deal with the shadow, you will never be able to experience the brightness of the future.
  4. Identify big dreams and goals that align with who you are.  Self-awareness and competency breeds confidence.  This is a major focus of my work, because I have experienced and witnessed great freedom just being me.
  5. Step out in faith.  At some point you have to put on your big person pants and take a step of faith.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can experience the richness of life characterized by faith.

How have you dealt with your fears?

Deal with Your Fear
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  • Steve, I think you have some really good points to reflect on in this post. Thank you for being you and offering your opinions and perspectives to others.
    Be Well

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