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Motivating financial advisors and helping them to better communicate and understand their clients. Our person-centered training solution utilizes ability to identify each person’s intrinsic motivations and these motivations will indicate how each person communicates and approaches financial decisions. By doing so, advisors can build more relationships and close more business.

Advisors can also subscribe to the Investr ProTM educational tool for use with clients and prospects. This tool will help you understand the motivations of your clients and prospects by asking them to complete a short 10-minute assessment. Learn more about this tool (here).

General Objectives of the material covered.

The following objectives are covered in our course for financial advisors and managers.

  1. Discover each person’s intrinsic motivations (internal drivers of self-motivation).
  2. Validate your Intrinsic Motivation Questionnaire results.
  3. Explore why we connect best with those with similar motivations.
  4. Develop strategies to better connect with those with different motivations.
  5. Identity selling advantages based upon an individual’s intrinsic motivations.
  6. Explore strategies about how to develop and close business.
  7. Explore how individual motivations compliment and conflict with others and within ourselves.

Advisor Outcomes Based upon the Intrinsic Motivations

The following course outcomes are included for each financial advisor

  1. Build your professional identity (brand) to build more business and retain more clients.
  2. Explore how your communication style attracts some client prospects and repels others.
  3. Explore how clients approach financial decisions.
  4. Design more efficient and effective client meetings through proper preparation.

Management Outcomes Based upon the Intrinsic Motivations

  1. As a financial advisor, you receive the benefits of the Advisor Outcomes listed above in addition to the following management benefits.
  2. Identify the management style each person needs to be intrinsically motivated.
  3. Quickly identify why some advisors are more successful than others.
  4. Identify the best mentor/mentee or trainer/trainee match based upon intrinsic motivations.
  5. Learn how to effectively affirm and motivate your individual advisors.

The Workshop

Typically, course objectives are efficiently covered in a half-day workshop covering three to four hours of material in an interactive workshop very relevant needs and to fit your goals, organization, schedules, and systems. We also provide follow-up material for both managers and advisors to help better utilize the principles.