This past week, I’ve been writing about managing people based upon discussions with participants of the Manager Exchange program I facilitate at the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce.  Yesterday, I participated in the first Manager Summit by facilitating two sessions.  The summit was designed for people who manage others, but not necessarily from the c-suite.

Once again, I’m reminded of the skill and expertise these managers possess and the untapped resource they represent within their organizations.

Positioned between executive management and employees, mid-level managers are in a unique position.  They are privy to executive conversation and have a front row seat to what goes on in the trenches.  They deal with multiple challenges with fixed resources that create a lot of tension they must manage.  At times, frustration creeps through their stoic veneer over this tension and I get to remind them that management is all about balancing the tension between the two.  No one argues the point.  Out of this tension comes incredible insight.

Effectively managing the tension between growing demands in a culture of shrinking or limited resources is an essential function of any manager.  It requires patience, innovation, creativity, communication, along with a host of other skills.

You might think I’m writing to the corporate executive or business owner.  Partially yes, but also to those who work for managers.  It is in your best interest to help your manager look like a star and not take them for granted.  They typically impact:

  • Your pay and bonuses
  • Your work environment and assigned responsibilities
  • Your opportunity for advancement

And, most importantly, they are your back up, your ambassador, your representative in your organization.

As an executive, a well position, empowered, and entrusted manager will provide you clear, unfiltered, and realistic view of your organization.  They provide the story behind the numbers and often one of the best sources to plot future improvements.  Investing in your managers is a valuable investment in your organization that will pay huge dividends.

I would like to offer my thanks to those organizations that provided the opportunity for their managers to attend yesterday’s summit and the sponsors who made it happen.

How do you tap the resources of your manager?

Never Underestimate the Value of a Great Manager
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