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You can influence change by taking your stand by how you respond to it. The choice is will you stand for it, against it, or just be caught up by it?

Change is a constant in life, especially professional life. You may be the one initiating change or the one being called upon to embrace change. Building trust and embracing change is a necessity for healthy people and healthy organizations.

This is the ninth and final blog in my series, Building Trust and Embracing Change. My hope is that you gleaned some tips in handling change in your organization. In this final blog, I want to emphasize the importance of owning your approach to change and encourage you to influence change by taking your stand. Ideally, the stand is for the right outcome. You will take a position on change and influence it one way or another. It really comes down to trust. Your level of trust, both trust in someone or being trusted by someone, is critical to successful change.

Your ability to influence change by taking your stand is directly related to your willingness to embrace it. If you embrace change, you can influence it. The degree of influence you can have begins with the following three factors:

Your attitude and trust toward others: A simple test is whether you demonstrate the same feelings toward someone when you are present with them compared to when you are not around them. Will you talk about someone to their face in the same way you talk about them when they are not around to hear you?

How you engage the change: A simple test is whether you demonstrate a willingness to move forward and embrace change even amidst your reservations. Will you sit back and wait to see how things turn out or let other people do the heavy lifting?

How you invest in the change. A simple test is whether you demonstrate a commitment to contribute your best resources and competencies. Will you hold back sharing your resources or hold some things in reserve?

People handle change in different ways. Whether you are leading change, or someone subjected to change, how you handle it will directly affect how you emerge from it. Those who hold back miss opportunity. Those who embrace change become valued teammates. Take your stand during change and engage it. Never assume everyone approaches change the same way, but rather provide space for each person to approach it in their own unique way. If you take the time to address their reservations, you will build trust and help each person embrace change.

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Influence Change by Taking Your Stand
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