Welcome to Steve Tonkin & Company

Steve Tonkin & Company provides corporate leadership training workshops and seminars in Denver and beyond to help team members realize and contribute their own intrinsic value. Our underlying training philosophy goes beyond basic behavior modification by focusing on the intrinsic motivations of each team member. They can use these resources to strengthen their communication, mutual understanding, and trust based on each person’s unique intrinsic motivations.

We Develop Our Own Training

In order to provide the most value to our clients, we develop our own team building training so you do not have to pay exorbitant third party licensing fees for their “been there, done that” material. Using our own online questionnaires and materials based upon our philosophy focused on intrinsic motivation, we will customize our training to address your unique needs and achieve your unique goals for your team. Our approach goes beyond common training approaches that are limited by just attempting to change behavior of team members to conform to the whole. Instead, we help individuals discover and leverage their own intrinsic motivations so they will naturally work toward the goals that help each team player achieve professional and corporate success.

We believe in helping each person find their own confidence in order to contribute to building a competent team. We offer motivational team building seminars and team building workshops that assist your team with enhanced trust, communication, and collaboration. Our workshops validate each individual’s singular contribution while showing them how to enhance their skills for the advancement of the team.

If you want to experience our unique approach with no obligation before you schedule a motivation workshop or seminar with us by calling 1(800) 782-1175 today. We look forward to providing you and your team with the insights about their motivations and resources they need for success.