The “Who Am I?” Workshop
“Be Influential through your Authentic Identity”

Our Next Workshop is:
September 22 - 23, 2017
8 am until 5 pm in Denver, CO
Limited to 10 Participants
  • Discover your authentic identity
    • Connect with different personalities
    •  Develop your plan to influence

Person Centered Training


Executive Leadership Seminar

Build your culture of success through our Executive Leadership Seminar. This seminar will help executive teams improve their overall culture utilizing the same intrinsic motivation model. This seminar will help your executive team come together and appreciate each other in a new way. Your team will experience more cohesion, understanding, and improved communication.

Strong executive teams share mutual trust and strong communication within a collaborative environment. This seminar will allow you to customize your seminar to address the biggest needs of your executive team.

Motivation & Team Building Training

Our clients want to develop strong teams, improve communication, and retain their best employees. Our approach goes beyond behavioral modification based upon an old tired formula promoted by many other companies.

Our team building seminars and teambuilding workshops help individuals discover and leverage their own intrinsic motivation and values that provide the internal driver to perform at an elite level.

Person in Person-Centered Planning

Our person-centered planning program provides planning resources for support case managers, transition services and supported employment providers, veterans, caregivers, and families dealing with those who experience intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Our corporate diversity training is unique. It is person-centered and immediately helps identify each person’s unique identity and contribution.
You can understand how to connect to your patient before the first appointment and have insight into how your patient wants to receive care. The Caring Project is our patient centered care solution for healthcare systems, providers, and care givers that increases trust, patient compliance, and communication. Current healthcare initiatives require patient centered care within an accountable care model. The Caring Project will provide the resource to improve patient care and staff teamwork.

Engaging the patient requires knowing the patient beyond traditional diagnosis and treatment models. The Caring Project provides a patient-centered care solution that allows each caregiver to engage patients more effectively and efficiently based upon seven caring modes. The Caring Project offers workshops for caregivers and software solutions for hospitals, clinics, and other long-term care providers.
Additional Services
Who Am I
Virtual Training

Steve Tonkin and Company provides person-centered training and software (SaaS) solutions that help you better connect with, and understand others. The “Who Am I” Workshop is a two-day intensive training that explores how to increase your influence based upon your authentic identity. Our person-centered leadership training and seminars will develop leaders, uncover new leaders, strengthens communication and mutual understanding, build trust, and improve teamwork. The Caring Project improves clinician-patient communication and connection.

If you are looking for a different solution that your organization can immediately apply to make a lasting impact, contact us today and let us demonstrate the power of our solutions. Contact or call (800) 782-1175.