The “Who Am I?” Workshop
“Be Influential through your Authentic Identity”

Our Next Workshop is:
October 19 - 20, 2017
8 am until 5 pm in Denver, CO
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Limited to 10 Participants
8 Seats Remaining
Discover your authentic identity
Connect with different personalities
Develop your Plan to Influence

Person Centered Training

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Who Am I
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Who Am I Workshop
The Who Am I Workshop

Steve Tonkin and Company provides person-centered training and software (SaaS) solutions that help you better connect with, and understand others. The “Who Am I” Workshop is a two-day intensive training that explores how to increase your influence based upon your authentic identity. Our person-centered leadership training and seminars will develop leaders, uncover new leaders, strengthens communication and mutual understanding, build trust, and improve teamwork. The Caring Project improves clinician-patient communication and connection.

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